We only use the highest human-grade meat in our products. We would't feed our pets anything less.

No Grains or fillers

no grains, sugars, saline, additives, nitrites or nasty fillers.

Wild & Natural

Our products are only sourced from local, responsible and sustainable sources.

Healthy Treats & Safe Products

Designed specifically for your canine

We want all dogs to live long, healthy, and pampered lives - This starts with nutritionally-appropriate food and safe products.

Meat Based

All of are food products are 100% meat based which helps our little obligate carnivores live long healthy lives.


We only use the highest human-grade meat in our products. We wouldn't feed our pets anything less.

Veterinarian Approved

Formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists and veterinarian approved.

No Grains or Fillers

No grains, sugar, saline, additives, nitrites or nasty fillers.


Our products are all independently lab-tested for quality and nutritional content.

Wild & Natural

Our products are only sourced from local, responsible and sustainable sources.

Our Story

Treats sold at big box stores contain sugar, fillers, and other unhealthy ingredients can harm our beloved dogs. They cna also contain toxic chemicals, include blockage causing toys and other dangerous items. Our floofs are our children and we want them to live long, healthy, happy, and pampered lives so we started making our own safe, healthy treats and wellness products at home. This is how the The Pampered Canine was born.

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Don't take our word for it


My dog took to this immediately and I was finally able to discontinue the use of marketed products from Petco. It’s so refreshing to know that I am giving her safe and beneficial products that she actually enjoys :) I was even given free samples of some of the treats! I am planning on purchasing this again!


As a veterinarian who has tried every bathing solution out there this is by far my favorite! Generally safe and extremely effective!


I am so thankful that products like this exists. It is so difficult to find healthy products in chain pet stores, and I am happy to say I finally found the brand for me! I have a sick floof with insulinoma, and therefore he needs to eat frequent, healthy, small meals. It has been a life saver, literally and figuratively. My extremely picky boy LOVES this stuff, and I use it in his supplemental feedings. And the training small treats….. don't even get me started. My little guy is sick, but the look in his eyes when I pick up the bag melts my heart. Even in his sickness, he perks up and acts like his younger, healthy self in order to get a taste of it! (I use it to get him to take his medication.) If you have floofs, you MUST try these products. They are unrivaled.


This was such a hit with Suko the magnificent! Now you might not think that is a big deal judging by his girth but let me tell you! He is actually a very picky eater! Don’t let his tummy full you! I highly recommend a treat or two for a nail trim or as a treat. I have 3 and it was a big hit!


Kearney, NB


Thank you!! My flooofs love everything so far & so do I! Cutest packaging ever 🥰


Awesome product! Babies beg for this stuff!


THE PAMPERED CANINE IS A GOD SEND! Knowing that it is made of the highest grade ingredients by someone who owns and is very knowledgeable in what is good for them I cannot express enough how magical these items are! They even give you advice on how to get your floofs to try the treats even if they don't wanna try it! It's a big hit in my house!!!


My four fuzzies absolutely love the treats! As soon as I received the package (which was packed super cute) we gave them an oatmeal bath then our coat oil on them. Their fur is so soft and super shiny. In two short days they are resting well since they have relief from their itchy skin. I will definitely be ordering again real soon. As long as I have fuzzies in my home I will be a forever customer. Thank you for loving animals just as much as I do.


My dog LOVES this! It was super easy to get her to like it, which was amazing, cuz she’s the pickiest fur floof I’ve even met. Definitely recommend!